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The NBA playoffs begin today and their are some great games being played. We have the Dallas Mavericks taking on the San Antonio Spurs, the Memphis Grizzles  vs the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Los Angelos Clippers vs the Golden State Warriors, the Portland Trail Blazers vs the Houston Rockets, The Atlanta Hawks vs the Indiana Pacers, the Miami Heat vs the Charlotte Bobcats, The Brooklyn Nets vs the Toronto Raptors, and the Washington Wizards vs the Chicago Bulls. All the games look to be intense and the series of seven will be filled with excitement and thrill. We at American City Express are thrilled for these playoffs and are offering fifteen percent off all trips around the tri state area for anyone going to an event attending the games. This includes nights on the town to watch the games, friends and family get togethers, and of course live games themselves. visit our website for more information on pricing.


Wishing you joy and many blessings
at Passover and throughout the year!
May God bless you this Passover season
and all through the year…”
“May your Pesach overflow with happiness…
May you always be blessed with peace,
prosperity and togetherness!
Wishing you a Happy Passover!”


from all of us at American City Express

Attention all travelers if you are planning to take the train to the plane, starting may 1st you will not be able to do so .  The port authority will be in a repair phase of monorail for about 3 months.  For your transportation needs to newark airport you will need to take your car or cab straight to the airport or you will have to take one of the shuttles provided by the port authority.

We are only a few days away from the NBA playoffs beginning. There are eight teams from each conference that will be entering into this elite competition. The eastern conference with the number one seed Miami Heat led by Lebron James and the West coast led by the Oklahoma Thunder and Kevin Durant. It is an interesting season with several teams becoming playoff contenders and several teams dropping from contention. And then we had teams struggle throughout the season make unbelievable runs towards the end of the season to climb into the playoff spot. Currently the New York Knicks have had a good stretch and are looking good to make the playoffs where they could be shocking top seeds. check out the nba on

Last night was the big finale for the Walking Dead where things were turned upside down. Rick the main character finally met his arch nemesis Joe. Both characters play a huge role in development to formulate the stories plot. Another hit show is soon to start again with Game of Thrones only a few days away from launching their season. The show is extremely interesting with twists and turns in every episode. This seasons trailer seemed to get a whole lot of attention from the fans. In honor of these shows being success we are offering fifteen percent off to all travelers if they can tell us what is the name of Rob Starks wolf. Also check out the trailer for this season.

Today marks the near end to March. April being only a day away, it seems as if mother nature has decided to bring forth rain. It has been a gloomy weekend but not to worry this gloominess will have an amazing view when may comes around. As they Say April showers bring May flowers. The more it rains the better the view it will be in the garden state. New Jersey is not known for its blooming flowers but those of us who have seen New Jersey through its various seasons have grown to love the beauty of spring. One great place to see the flowers bloom is the several parks located in Edison New Jersey. Edison New Jersey has planted several plants and all will look extremely beautiful this spring. Give us a call today for your transportation needs to view these incredible roses and daisies which are only a few days from blooming. We will help you make a remarkable outing for you and your special person to view the beauty of nature in style.

The National Basketball association has finally developed a thrilling rivalry like in the old days. The newest rivalry has formed between the Miami Heat led by Lebron James and the Paul George led Indiana Pacers. Both teams have met several times this year and each and every game has been a battle. Last nights game became extremely hectic when things became heated between Stevenson and Wade. It was a valiant effort by superstar Lebron James scoring a massive thirty eight points but in the end it was the young up and coming star who would lead his team to victory scoring twenty three points. We love competition at American City Express Limo. In honor of competition we are currently offering a special to match prices from anyone with a lower price from the Bridgewater New Jersey area. visit this link for pricing and booking information.

March Madness has officially begun and college basketball has never been so exciting. We have sixty four teams ready to duke it out for the most coveted prize in College Basketball. All teams are looking to make history by winning the trophy and bringing home with them bragging rights. Every year there is a Cinderella team and we can not wait to see who it will be this year. We hope everyone has filled out their brackets. American City Express encourages team unity and sportsmanship which the NCAA has been known for throughout the  years. We wish all teams success and prosperity throughout the tournament.  Throughout the tournament many fans enjoy the game out with friends and many even fortunate it enough to attend the games live. American City Express Limo will love to offer tomorrows special for Bridgewater Township New Jersey an opportunity to receive fifteen percent off their trip when they make reservations for a night out on the town in one of our premiere stretch limousines. Give us a call today or visit out Bridgewater web site for more information on booking and price quotes.

The New York Knicks have had a roller coaster of a season with injuries and mismanaged plays over the past year. The team has relied heavily on the play of their star Carmelo Anthony. Anthony the go to guy in terms of scoring and play making has had an excellent scoring season but the team has truly struggled. The Knicks have lacked discipline and need more help around their star performer in Carmelo Anthony. They have tried several combinations to make the team run more efficiently but have been unsuccessful. Even with their big off season acquisitions have seemed to have a low year. Their is a silver lining to the story future hall of fame head coach Phil Jackson has taken a position in the New York Knicks front office. The team and fans are relying tremendously on this signing. The Knicks have hope that by next year they will once again be a NBA championship contending team led by Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony. In this joyous news American City Express is offering all New Jersey residents an opportunity to receive fifteen percent off their trip to Madison Square Garden to watch the famous New York Knickerbockers games. Give us a call today for your transportation needs to any New York Knicks event. For rates please visit our website

How would you like to be a part of a tradition that is more than 2 centuries old?  Well you can be , come to the Best City in the world on monday March 17th and have your Green Attire on, wether you want to just watch the parade or hang out in an irish pub here.  This is the 253rd St Patrick’s day parade and is the largest St. Patrick’s day parade in the world.  Mass Transit is recommended for travel on monday due to the closures in the city for the parade,  but you like to get transported by the professional who will be on top of the traffic situation in NYC call us and we will get you to celebrate the tradition safely and in style.  For the official website of the parade please click here,  The parade is expected to start at 11 am on 5th ave and 44th street in New York City If you like to watch the parade in the comfort of your home, you may do so on NBC channel 4.  All of us at American City Express wish all a very happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!