What a finish

The New York Giants played a tough game against division rivals the Dallas Cowboys in an amazing battle. Both teams played with heart and courage but only one team could be the winner. The Dallas Cowboys took the win by playing very well in the last few minutes of the game and their running back securing the win with two big runs. The Giants unfortunately fall to 3-4 while the Dallas Cowboys remain with only one loss. Giants fans should not be discouraged as they will have one more crack at the Cowboys later on this season.

Traffic report around newark airport

at this point the traffic is heavy at GSP exit 151 by bloomfield.  If you are going to JFK airport the traffic is heavy o staten island expressway.  traffic is also heavy on the ramp of 195 and rt 3 exit   Travelling from NYC to newark airport or  vice versa all hudson river crossings are moving slightly slow may be a delay of 10 minutes or less.  weather being clear outside there are no report delays at newark airport.   But please do call your airline ahead of time to make sure.  Looking for the Newark airport transporatation please call the experts, we can take you in luxury sedans, brand new Lincoln Navigator 2015 or for a large group we can provide transportation with our brand new Mercedes Sprinter.

expect heavy traffic on NJ traffic western spur

for all traveling on the western spur of NJ turnpike , route 3  or rt 17 expect heavy traffic starting at around 4 pm when the Jets game ends at around 4 pm.   State troopers may even close the western spur of the NJ turnpike at the end of the game momentarily to ease the traffic flow out of the metlife stadium.


UN General Assembly meeting a cause of traffic and headaches

As the UN General assembly meets starting the 24th , it is creating severe headaches and traffic jams here in NYC.  The east side of nyc is just a nightmare.  Clossures everywhere,  traffic blocked for blocks and blocks,  and yeah not to forget all those protesters that are protesting everything and anything.  a trip to the airport from NYC is taking us about 1.5 hours on an average, the same trip that use to take 40 to 45 min tops.  So if you’re planning to visit NYC and want to drive around , i would seriously suggest picking a different date,  because not only you will sit in a stand still traffic , but you will also get a higher hotel prices and bunch of places that are closed to public due to some dignitary’s presence.

NFL season

The NFL season is finally in effect and the J E T S Jets Jets have begun the season off with a bang beating the Oakland Raiders. There have been several spectacular games this opening week but may none have been better than the NFC south rival game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints. That game had gone down to the wire in a high scoring affair.  Both teams played with a tremendous amount of heart, but the Falcons were able to take it home today. They will meet again later on this season but we at American City Express would love your input. Reply to us and receive 15 percent off your next trip. Visit our website today at www.americancityexpress.com


The NFL season is quickly approaching and their is a lot of excitement roaring this year. We have teams looking much stronger than before and all determined to make a run at the Lombardi trophy. With the Seattle Seahawks having worked hard this summer to contend to remain champions we should have one superb season filled with thrills. Will the Seahawks be able to mount a repeat or will another team be hoisting the trophy come February. We will have to find out but American City Express Limo would love to hear about your thoughts.

The end of summer

This is the last documented full week of summer vacation for millions of students around the United States. Most students will be rejoining their universities and schools next week with passion and determination for success. Before this period begins American City Express Limo believes there should be one last hooray for summer 2014. One last time to enjoy the beautiful days before millions of students work countless hours each day to understand their college material. Give us a call today and spend your last week in style and comfort. Arrive at your destination in class.

Back To School

It is back to school time for millions across the country. The summer has come and already gone for the 2014. We hope everyone had a terrific time and many many memories were made. The summer is known for passing by quickly but this may have been the shortest summer in a very long time. Kids in the Tri-State area will be counting down the days until the dreaded beginning of the school year. But dont worry kids their is still a few more weeks for you to enjoy. College students have already picked out their classes in this area and will be heading back fairly shortly. We say lets end this summer with a bang and enjoy 15 percent off your trip this summer with the code summer2014. Visit our website www.americancityexpress.com